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Who Is Your Audience (And Why "Everyone" is Not a Good Answer)

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One of the most common business mistakes in the world is a failure to focus on one particular type of client. Most companies try to “go wide” and sell to everyone. They usually fail.

The problem with trying to sell to everyone is that you end up ignoring the people who need you most. If a potential customer and someone with no interest in your service are getting the same attention, the person who might have bought will feel slighted.

If you Try To Sell To Everyone Nobody Will Buy

Every topic can be broken down into smaller niches or subsets. Golf is a broad subject that covers millions of sports enthusiasts. However, within the topic of golf are all kinds of demographics. Children learning to play, grown men who want to drive the ball farther than their friends, and women who want to take up the sport and meet new people.

A man who wants to win the “longest drive” contest with his friends is not going to respond to advertisements targeted at senior citizens who are just picking up the sport. If you try to use universal ads, you end up alienating most of your potential customer.

Niche Markets Are Easier To Rank In

When you focus on a specific niche you naturally eliminate most of your competition. Female golfers is a narrow enough market that you don't have to worry about what the folks selling kid's golf gear are doing.

Less competition also means that you're business gets noticed faster. Search engines will rank you higher and people who want to buy will seek you out. It's good for business when you find a smaller group and meet their needs. (And it's easier to rank with some good SEO copywriting.)

Only A Certain Type Of Person Will Buy Anyway

Most people don't want what you're selling. That's not a put down towards you, it's a fact. Even “successful” companies rarely see more than five percent of their prospects buy anything. That's why you should focus on the people who will actually purchase from you. Meet their needs and cater to them. They'll be more likely to become repeat clients and lifelong buyers.

Find the niche that's willing to do business with you and work with them. They'll be more generous with their money and happy to do business with you.

Closing Thoughts

Instead of “going wide” and trying to appease everyone, find a core group of people who will be interested in what you have to offer. These folks will be far more receptive to your advertisements and much more likely to purchase from you.

If you're having trouble finding a niche to market towards, our team of creative professionals (including web designers and copywriters) can help. We'll help you define your target market, lock onto your sales/branding targets and achieve them.

Image credit: Pixabay

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