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3 Proven Ways to Turn Your Ideas Into Must-Read Content

Singapore Copywriter

There are certain urban legends out there that if a copywriter entertains, they’ll slow down flow to a deadly crawl, and for no good reason at all.

One is the urban legend of writer’s block. Motivation not clicking today? Do something you haven't done in a while. Do something you've never done. Don't make it big―just different. Come back to your laptop and see what happens.

I had a copywriter acquaintance who would actually write about how he wasn’t writing, and suddenly he was writing again.

Another urban legend is about inspiration. Don’t wait for it to come to you. Go out and make it yourself. Living your life, on your terms, for yourself will give you more inspiration in a day than waiting on the magical will give in forever.

The last of them for now, because I could do this all day, is that you need to be a good writer before you write professionally. That’s baloney. You learn as you work. To be a writer you have to write. I don’t care about perfect, but write and then write some more because practice makes for improvement.

So now that you’re motivated and writing, you’ve come back to your desk inspired, and you’ve been writing and then writing some more―what are you gonna do with all those ideas? You’re going to turn them into must-read content and here’s how.

1. Interact and Engage

When I as a kid I hated reading. I used to have to take my kid sister to the library and I hated it. I would wait for her outside. One day, it started to rain and as much as I wanted to stubbornly stand in it, I got irritated and went inside.

There was this entire area of the library set up with a display and posters celebrating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous creation, Sherlock Holmes. It was interactive and there was a librarian there who talked to me and told me about the stories.

I got a library card that day. eventually, I read every word Conan Doyle wrote. Participation is stimulating and inspiring and motivates us to do to things we otherwise wouldn’t think of.

Be like this librarian. She addressed my questions and solved the problem of me hating to read in 10 minutes of interaction. I was riveted and engaged because the librarian not only valued reading, but she valued me.

When we interact with our audience and participate with them on our blogs, as we provide them with a benefit they do the same for us. Our writing becomes stronger, our capacity to solve problems increases, deficits decrease. Everybody wins.

2. Don’t Be Shakespeare

There already was a Shakespeare. Be yourself. Do you. Your authenticity will shine through and your audience will find that engaging.

Now your audience and keep it simple. Keep the language clean and crisp, the paragraphs short, the content long. Avoid using too much jargon. It alienates people and that’s counterintuitive. We want to be accessible and build relationships.

3. Blog Like A Boss

Some of my most popular blog posts were not my personal faves. Frankly, my most read pieces were opinion pieces, writing that offered to solve a problem or that answered nagging questions.

Aside from those blog posts, I have received a lot of attention and followers based on my travel writing. This isn’t an accident. I have invested time in location independence and have an interest in life-style design and people are responding.

It’s a truism. Content is king.

Public relations and marketing expert, Misty Block said it perfectly, ’Blogging regularly is not only a way to boost your search engine visibility, but also a way to connect with customers.’

It’s ll about building relationships and availing yourself to community.

This simple approach, outlined here, will help you maintain a flow of idea in huge ways. It’s this flow that will morph our writing into must-read content.


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