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Copywriting & Social Media Marketing: Email vs Facebook - Which is More Effective?

As a copywriter or marketing professional in Singapore, you need to know your social media outlets. More speciafically, you need to know which outlets are effective, and go after them.

If you pick up a marketing book or attend a business seminar, someone will inevitably tell you how important social media is. People will declare that email is dead and Facebook or Twitter marketing is where it's at now. In fact, you'll probably hear this from almost every “guru” out there.

The truth is, these so called experts are wrong. To this day, email marketing has far better returns than any social media platform. If you're still skeptical about this, just read on.

Facebook Is Over-Hyped

The media tends to pump Facebook up as being this unstoppable goliath that everybody is plugged into. And while that might be true to an extent, there are some things to consider. Do people check Facebook at school or work? Do older people tend to use Facebook? Do people who aren't particularly tech savvy have Facebook accounts?

The answer top all of these is “probably not.” In contrast, virtually everyone has an email account, from copywriters in Singapore to web design professionals in Croatia. And they check these throughout the day. If you want to reach a wide range of people, even those who aren't big into technology, email is the option for you.

Email Out Preforms Facebook At Every Turn

Studies comparing Facebook marketing to email marketing consistently show email marketing out preforming Facebook. In fact, many businesses have seen their email campaigns outperform Facebook by up to 400%. That's not even a fair fight between the two.

If you're ignoring email, you're potentially missing out on some major profits. With a good email list and persuasive copywriting, your influence and conversions will be outstanding. Even if you like Facebook, you should still experiment with building up email subscribers. Otherwise you are simply leaving money on the table. And that's never a good thing.

You Do Not own Facebook

About a decade ago there was an incredibly popular website called Friendster. It was a huge social media platform and tons of people used it. Then MySpace came along. All the folks who used Friendster migrated there instead, leaving Friendster as nothing but a ghost town.

Businesses who have built up huge Friendster followings got hit hard by this. So they moved along to start building MySpace accounts. Then when Facebook cam along everyone moved again and companies had to start from scratch once more.

When you do email marketing with a professional copywriter in Singapore, you own your own platform. Something new and better isn't going to come along and snatch up all your clients. Social media is based on fads. Email is forever.

Closing Thoughts

While Facebook may be popular now, it isn't as profitable as email marketing. If you want to supercharge your sales, gain new customers, and build your business up, engage a Singapore copywriter (even a freelance one) and start selling through email. The results are far better than Facebook and you never have to worry about losing your audience to some newer form of social media.

Lastly, to touch up your email marketing campaigns, consider hiring a Singapore web designer (or digital designer) to create electronic direct mailers (eDMs) to complement your email marketing campaigns. They can help spruce up your efforts, or create everything for you. With a good Singapore copywriter and web designer you can relax, knowing that your business is in good hands.

Image credit: Jurgen Appelo

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