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7 Fatal Web Design Flaws That May Be Costing You Money

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Bad web design will cost you money. You'll lose sales, customers and potential business. It sucks and many people don't even realise that this can happen.

If you own a website, or plan to start one, make sure to avoid these seven common mistakes:

1. Not Capturing Emails

Have you ever visited a cool site, liked the content, planned on becoming a regular visitor, and then completely forgot to check in ever again? It happens to everyone.

If potential customers forget about you they aren't going to buy anything. That's why you need to capture their emails. By getting them to sign up for a newsletter, blog or notification, you can remind them about how much they like your site.

2. Poor Formatting

If your site's links and buttons are all over the place, people will get confused. No one will know where to go next, or even how to go back to the homepage. Silly as this may sound, it happens all the time. Clients land on a site, get confused by the layout, and then leave.

Making everything easy to find will keep people on your website for longer. And the longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy. Good web design is key!

3. Giant Logos

Do you know what happens when most people see a giant logo and nothing else? You guessed it, they leave. While having a company logo is great, make sure that it doesn't take up the entire screen. Otherwise you'll be losing out on some serious money.

4. Links To Nowhere

You click a link and... It's broken! Instead of seeing super awesome content, you're met with an error page. That's not good. It makes your site look amateurish. It also makes many readers get frustrated and leave, never to return again.

Make sure all your links are working. Otherwise you could end up missing out on some major business opportunities.

5. Adertisements

Do you know what ads are good for? Getting people to click away from your site. An advertisement for someone else on your site (often a competitor) can potentially get your clients to click away and do business with the competition instead.

Skip hosting ads and focus on selling your own products.

6. Text That Hurts Readers' Eyes

If people can't look at your content then there's no way they are going to buy anything. Bad text, either due to the color or font, will hurt your profits. Make sure that everything you write is readable. Otherwise you're just giving prospects an excuse to take their money elsewhere. Also, make sure the quality of your website copywriting is up to standard. Engage a freelance copywriter in Singapore if you have to, a professional will be well worth the money!

7. Music That Plays When You Visit The Site

Having a song play when someone visits your site makes it unlikely for them to return. Someone browsing at work, or on their phone in public, doesn't want loud audio to be blaring. Additionally, playing music in the background distracts from people actually reading your content. Skip the songs and focus on well written sales copy.

Closing Thoughts

When you want to create a beautiful website that clients love, consider getting your web design services from the experts in Singapore. This is an inexpensive way to get a top-notch site that looks good and keeps visitors coming back for more.

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Image credit: GotCredi Squeeze Creatives is the parent company of Singapore Freelance Copywriter.

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