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5 Killer Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Read

Copywriting Singapore

Emails are a great way to sell directly to your audience. If you have an opt-in page or subscribe button on your website, you're probably running some email marketing as well. Here are five great subject lines that effective Singapore copywriters use to make sure that your messages get read:

1. “Why I Don't......”

With this subject line you choose something that everybody does (or wants to do) and then tell your audience that you do the opposite. “Why I Don't Go To The Doctor,” “Why I Don't Eat My Vegetables,” “Why I Don't Plan For Retirement.”

The trick is to show your audience some sort of alternative that's more beneficial than the mainstream activity that they've been doing. For example, the subject line “Why I Don't Go To The Doctor” might focus on health benefits you found through homeopathic medicine.

People will see that you aren't doing something that they do and get curious why.

2. “This Message Contains The Secret To......”

“This Message Contains The Secret To Improving Your Golf Game,” “This Message Contains The Secret To Making New Friends,” “This Message Contains The Secret To Teaching Your Sea Lion To Talk.” The opening statements flat out tell the reader what's in store. It also piques their curiosity because there's a “secret” involved.

If you want to convey information in a clever and interesting way, use this type of subject line.

3. “How To......”

Some people just want to learn a basic skill. “How To Change A Tire,” “How To Lose Weight,” “How To Tell If Your House Is haunted.” They're getting valuable information they need, and that's enough to make them read the rest of your copywriting message.

You can use a “How To” subject line with almost any topic and it is guaranteed to get attention.

4. The Outrageous Claim

“In The Next One Minute I Will Teach You How To Think Like A Millionaire.” That's a pretty crazy claim. But even if your were a skeptic you'd probably read on, just to find out what how the claim could be possible.

An outrageous claim, that can be backed up and acted on, is great for spreading your message. People want to see you back up your promise. And as you can support your claim, you will get sales.

5. The Anti-Sales Pitch

“Get Rich Slowly” sounds like a terrible headline. Who wants to wait for their money to add up? But these words were used for the headline on a very famous ad. One that set a record for the amount of sales it generated.

Your readers get bombarded with advertisements and ludicrous claims all through out the day. If you want to stand out, do the opposite of what every other marketer is trying to do. Use smart copywriting, clever subject headers that don't sound like gimmicky sales pitches.

Closing Thoughts

These simple subject lines drum up attention and practically guarantee that your audience reads what you write. Try one of the ideas listed above and see for yourself. It'll make a difference. For more ideas on copywriting, web design and advertising, contact the online marketing fanatics at Squeeze Creatives! (Singapore)

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Image credit: Gaudencio Garcinuño Squeeze Creatives is the parent company of Singapore Freelance Copywriter.

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