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Why Bad Web Design is Like Punching Your Clients in the Face

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Have you ever visited a website that looked so bad you had to exit off of it right away? The good news is, you're not alone. The bad news, however, is that clients may be doing the exact same thing to you.

Even if they aren't immediately quitting your site, or even finding the layout to be all that bad, there is a good chance that they could be getting lost or missing crucial information. Confusing menus, obscure links, and poor mobile formatting can all leave potential customers confused. And this hurts your sales.

Below are just a few of the problems that poor web design can lead to.

Visitors Will Leave Immediately if Content is Hard To Read

Poor web design can look intimidating. When someone sees text or a background that's hard to read, or menus that seem overly complex, they leave. In fact, the majority of site visitors usually leave a site after only looking over an article's headline and how the webpage is laid out.

If you want to quickly and efficiently boost readership, make your site easier on the eyes.

A Website that is Difficult to Navigate Will Cost You Clients

If people have to choose between visiting a good website that's easy to use and a great one that's difficult to navigate, they'll usually settle for the first option. This might sound a bit odd, but most people are short on time and don't want to have to click around a lot.

Someone in desperate need of information simply can't be bothered to spend much time on a single website in hopes that it is relevant to their needs. Now if your web design and layout is easy to navigate, this is a whole different story. The reader will find quality content and stay on the site, knowing there is more good information in store.

Bad Layout May Cause People to Completely Miss Crucial Information

If you are selling a product or offering a free gift, like an eBook or special report, you want customers to be drawn towards the order page. You don't want them wandering off and getting lost, eventually forgetting why they visited your site and leaving empty-handed.

This means that you need a crisp layout that directs readers towards the end goal (either making a purchase or requesting additional information) without being obnoxious or forceful. You need to make their journey organic and enjoyable, something that a streamlined layout can help with.

Make it Easy to Access Every Page

If you don't make it easy for visitors to access your entire site, you're basically throwing money away. People will miss important details, or crucial points that might have turned them into life longer customers.

An easy, and affordable, way to improve your site's layout is to have all your web design done by professionals in Singapore. This enables your customers to see everything you have to offer and to get their information in a manner that's convenient to them.

Maximise your website leads with effective, lead-converting copywriting and a trusted web design Singapore company.

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